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Useful Videos

Some people find videos more useful than a written website. We’ve embedded a range of videos below made by various organisations, which may help you get a better grasp of how the Family Court works and of some of the issues that might come up for you.

Advicenow videos

How to fill in your financial statement


How to represent yourself in family court

The above videos were made by Advicenow with funding from the Family Justice Council.

How to do your application for an injunction following domestic violence (England and Wales)

See also accompanying guide on the process here and how to do a statement here.


The Family Court without a Lawyer videos

The above three videos were filmed at the court in Bristol, so you will be able to see what the court building is like before you come to court on the day of your hearing. They cover preparing for your first hearing, what will happen at the hearing, and evidence.

Ministry of Justice Videos

The above videos were produced by the Ministry of Justice and tell you about mediation, how to make an application to court, and show you what might happen at a court hearing.

The above videos were also produced by the Ministry of Justice and tell you about a range of family law topics.

The above video was produced by the Ministry of Justice and tells you about who’s who when you attend the Family Court


Family Rights Group videos

The above videos tell you about something called “Family Group Conferences”. This might not be relevant to your case, but if you hear somebody talking about a Family Group Conference these videos will help you understand what they are talking about.


These three videos tell you about CAFCASS (Children and Families Court Advisory and Support Service) – what it is and what it does.


Who is Cafcass and what do we do?


Working with you and your children


What happens after I receive a letter?


Rights of Women

Safety in the Family Court