Religion should play no part within the law

At 4.30 p.m. on 25th May 2017 in court 7 at The Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre we will hold a debate on the above subject. Speakers on each side of the motion will have no more than a total of 15 minutes to put across their arguments before you, the audience, will be asked to contribute to the debate. The event will be chaired by Judge Stephen Wildblood QC. The event will end by 6.10 pm.

The public and the media are welcome to this event and we hope for as diverse an audience as possible. We are keen to promote the work of the multi faith support unit that operates from our court.

Speakers will include the following :

John Scriven

John worked with a London law firm from 1977 to 2016. He was Chairman of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship from 2003 to 2011. He is the author of A Contractual Guide to Major Construction Projects (1999), EPC Contracts and Major Projects (2012), Belief and the Nation (2013) and he contributed toReligion and Law, Theos (2012) and Magna Carta Unravelled (2015).

Rev Paul Langham

Paul is an outstanding preacher who has chosen to speak against the motion. He says: ‘I think there are some very interesting lines of enquiry to pursue about what the Western world’s legal system would forfeit if underlying religious (specifically Christian as far as most Western nations are concerned) principles were jettisoned’.

Tom Eden- Bull

Although only 15 Tom spoke at the last debate that we held and did so with such outstanding fluency and maturity that we have asked him to return to speak at this conference.

We will send out a list of ground rules governing the debate.

Please only book into this event if you are sure that you will attend or if you will find someone else to take your place if you do not. It is unfair on others if you simply reserve a place without commitment to attending. We will ask you to make a contribution of £5 to the charity, the Personal Support Unit, if you do attend although this is without obligation.

You can book a place here.