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About this site

This site was created by a group of family lawyers based in Bristol, with the support of the previous Designated Family Judge for the area. It is not an official site of His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service or the Judiciary.

The site is aimed at people who are involved in or may be involved in a case in the Family Court in this area (Bristol, Weston, Gloucester and Bath). It sets out the rangeĀ of help that isĀ available locally, and provides basic information about how the Family Court works.

The site is mainly aimed at the sorts of cases where parents can’t agree on arrangements for their children after separation, or where separating couples are trying to sort out their financial arrangements, but there is also information that will be useful to people involved in cases brought to court by social services because of child protection concerns.

Nothing on this site is intended to be legal advice and you should not treat it as legal advice. We’ve linked to sites that we think will be useful and reliable but we can’t guarantee they will be up to date or accurate.

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